International Grading Exam


The International Grading Examination (IGE) is one of our highly sought-after programs for UCMAS student to compete for IGE certificate recognition. It is an examination organized yearly by UCMAS. This examination is conducted along with collaborations of the Chinese Zhusuan Association (CZA) and Global Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Association (GAMA). The IGE focuses on two important sections of the UCMAS program: The Mental Arithmetic and the Abacus.​

Objective of the Examination:

  • To elevate the academic standard of Abacus Computation & Mental Arithmetic.
  • To advocate the learning of Abacus Computation & Mental Arithmetic in order to enhance mental capability.
  • To affirm one’s capability in Abacus Computation & Mental Arithmetic examinations upon completion of each level.
  • Eligibility to participate in the UCMAS graduation ceremony.