UCMAS Events


To elevate the academic standard and affirm one’s capabilities, UCMAS believes in the competitive spirit and instills that in the students.

International Grading Exam

The International Grading Examination (IGE) is one of our highly sought-after programs. It is an examination organized yearly by UCMAS. This examination is conducted along with collaborations of the Chinese Zhusuan Association (CZA) and Global Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Association (GAMA). The IGE focuses on two important sections of the UCMAS program: The Mental Arithmetic and the Abacus.​

An International Certificate is awarded to each participant and they are given the freedom to select Abacus and/or Mental category based on the child’s capability/preference.

National Competition

National Competition is one of the most challenging annual competition that UCMAS students from each center in Cambodia gathering to compete each other. The examination questions are covered with Visual, Listening and Flash Competition. The champion students from this competition will be selected to compete in International Competition with other UCMAS student from 79 countries worldwide.

Certificate Presentation Ceremony

i-Kids School- UCMAS Cambodia organized the Certificate Presentation Ceremony to UCMAS student who successfully earned their champions in the 3rd National Competition held on September 23rd, 2018. Moreover, we also proudly celebrate their journey to 23rd International Competition which will take place on December 9-10th, 2018 in Malaysia.

International Competition

International Competition is the biggest annual competition of UCMAS where UCMAS students from 79 countries gathering to compete each other.